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Tamar Alt, MA, is an artist based in Israel.

Tamar holds 2 degrees, a bachelor in arts from Beit Berl College in Israel and a master’s degree in arts from the University of Leeds, UK.

With more than 30 years of experience, Tamar has experienced almost anything the world of art has to offer, from painting to sculpturing, design décor, and much more.

Tamar has presented her work at several galleries and exhibitions throughout the years, most recently in her first solo exhibition.

Additionally, Tamar is an art teacher, educator and a mentor to a lot of young talents of all ages, looking to gain techniques and knowledge from her vast abilities. She taught visual arts, design and art history in 2 schools in Israel.

Here are some of her own words:

“The paintings I make are realistic and combine symbols and imagery of decoration and ornament, loved and personal characters as well as eastern and middle-eastern characteristics from important events of my personal life.

Usually, the paintings I make are characterized from photos and personal stories, childhood memories and are north-African culture influenced, which give rich expression to colors, symbols and customs I grew up on. All of these are burned in my consciousness and affect all my creations.

A trip I took a few years ago to Morocco, had a great impact on my desire to create my very first solo exhibition, which focused on childhood memories.

In this exhibition, I presented men and women, mostly from the Berbers tribes in northern Africa: the women who are mostly dressed in traditional clothing and head coverings, the spice peddlers, the tanners, the carpet weavers, the wood engravers, the blacksmiths, the goldsmiths and other characters I met during the trip.

In the last year, due to medical reasons, I was in a rehabilitation process. During this time, a new series of paintings was created, where I dealt with the ideals of the human body and the body as a whole.

In this series I portray the female body in a ‘damaged’ way and by doing so, helping myself heal through art. This series is my way to channel my own pain and distress while using feelings, colors, lines and shapes.

I invite you to get a glimpse of my own world through art and share it with others.”